Rice Women of Today 

Inidividual & Team 5K for Anna Marie's Alliance

REGISTRATION ~ Event Date:  Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Discount Opportunity

For Online Registration Click on the button below

The Anna Marie's Shelter located in St. Cloud Minnesota is always in need of donated items.  An explanation from the Anna Marie's website is stated below.

If you bring a gift card, you can take a discount on your registration. See Details for this on your registration to the right.

We really appreciate Gift Cards!  This may seem impersonal, but for us they are the most useful tool we can receive.  Gift cards take up less space, they can be used as needed, if women are leaving the shelter they will have less to haul, women may not know what they need until they need it, there is limited storage space for all of us!!!  

Gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Gift cards for Fleet Farm, Menards, Home  Depot
  • Gift Certificates to Super America, Holiday, Little Duke's, Kwik Trip
  • Gift Cards to Shopko, Target, Wal-Mart
  • Gift Certificates or Value Connection Coupons to local restaurants, hair salons, etc.
  • Gift Certificates to local grocery stores (CashWise, Sam's Club)


Call 320-251-7203 x 210 and ask for Kim Salitros

For race results after the event go to: 

For a Downloadable Form Click on the button below

Instructions for Online and Mail-In Registrations/Discounts.


When registering online.  You may register more than one person at a time and pay at the same time.  If doing this the guidelines and promo codes are as follow.  These are also listed on the home page of the online registration.

1.)  If registering one person, and bringing an item enter promo code "ItemDonate1person"

2.) If registering two people, and each person is bringing an item, enter promo code "ItemDonate2person"

3.) If registering three people, and each person is bringing an item, enter promo code "ItemDonate3person"

4.) If registering four people, and each person is bringing an item, enter promo code "ItemDonate4person"

5.) If registering five people, and each person is bringing an item, etner promo code "ItemDonate5person"

The promo code entered, and the total discount being taken should reflect the amount of gift cards that are also being donated.

Ex:  You register 4 people but only 2 people plan on bringing an item then the promo code used should be "ItemDonate2person".  Even though you are paying for 4 registrations only 2 of those should get the $5.00 discount. 


A separate form must be filled out and signed by each individual participating to be entered manually for timing. You can mail in payment with more than one form.  The same rules apply for taking the discount.